SYNOT VLTState-of-the-art Pentagon, Triangle and Phalanx assemblies for your casinos

Gaming Equipment

SYNOT Group has an extensive portfolio of  VLT Systems, AWPs and sports betting terminals. We are the manufacturer, as well as the main supplier of these state-of-the art systems.

Video Lottery Terminals

Video lottery terminals are a gaming system consisting of central control unit, local control units and unlimited number of connected interactive video lottery terminals. Central control unit runs all the gaming processes.

Amusement With Prize

AWPs are electronic (video) and electromechanical (reel) devices that are not connected to the video lottery terminals and create compact and functionally indivisible device.

Sports Betting Terminals

Betting on sports and social events through a wide range of distribution channels.

Multiplayer Devices

Multiplayer technical devices are connected through the internet to a shared server and feature an attractive bonus game.

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